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Aragonese is one of the most straightforward cuisines in Spain. Meat is the basis of the Aragonese cuisine and chilindrón, its most typical recipe. Chicken, lamb and pork are all found in this sauce as easily as other meat, though it is most commonly prepared with chicken. In the Upper Aragón region, in the heart of the mountains, more rustic cooking is popular: lamb and goat roasted on the spit, lamb and vegetable stew (a la pastora) and the so-called espárragos montañeses (lit: mountain asparagus), which are in fact calves' tails.

Las Magras con Tomate

Las magras con tomate are overwhelmingly tasty: slices of slightly fried serrano ham dipped in tomato sauce. Then there is an endless variety accompanying las migas, a dish which has become very popular everywhere in the central area of the Iberian peninsula. But nowhere is it served in so many varieties. Here they are served with croûtons of ham, chorizo, bacon and morcilla , with chocolate and grapes. And they are always made with good bread, cut in small pieces and prepared with the chosen accompaniment. In some places they are soaked in water or milk before being fried.

More exquisite recipes include partridge with chocolate, fried trout from the Pyrenees which are of the best quality in those rivers; and the serrano hams of Teruel, which are cured in the bitter winter cold of its mountains; not to forget the soups, like the one with liver and cheese, which was mentioned in the 17th century as sopa aragonesa.

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